PostgreSQL based Project Wins Gold Award in ASEAN ICT Award 2013

November 2013 is a great month for Datatrans Informatika and Systran Electronics Zone. “Smartcard for Frequent Traveler” (SFFT), a PostgreSQL based project presented by the two companies (located at Batam, Indonesia) as a team has won Gold Award in ASEAN ICT Award 2013 under Public Sector Category. ( The ceremony was held on beautiful evening, 14th November 2013, at Gardens by The Bay, Marina Bay, Singapore.


SFFT is an ICT project to help frequent traveler entering and exiting Indonesian territory more effiecienty via 8 international seaports spreaded in Riau Islands province. Instead of wasting time in long queue for showing passport pages to officer at immigration check point, traveler can simply insert smartcard into reader at automatic verification gate.

SFFT relies on PostgreSQL database server installed at remote nodes at different islands. The nodes are inter-replicated cascadely by means of Slony. Its asynchronousity helps replication works over unreliable network connection.

SFFT is an ajax-based web application. Hardwares were driven through efficient Mozilla’s Js-ctypes. The technology enables communication back and forth between javascript codes and dynamic linked library written in C. At the backend, SFFT has Java Servlets deployed on Tomcat web server. Data exchanges with PostgreSQL database server is run through JDBC. PgPool was there to reduce connection overhead. Extension codes based on gSOAP library has been developed for data exchanges between PostgreSQL and immigration SOAP/XML web service.

I would like to thank PostgreSQL. It was really beautiful evening at the heart of south east asia.

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  1. Awesome! We so seldom here from folks in Southeast Asia … please post more!

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