BDR 0.9.3 and Index on Expression

Giving BDR version 0.9.3 and patched-PostgreSQL 9.4.5 replication a shot. All runs smooth until I add an index expression to a replicated table then insert a record into. BDR crashes with error message:

LOG: worker process: bdr (6229655055721591121,1,16386,)->bdr (6229655055721591121,1, (PID 750) was terminated by signal 11: Segmentation fault
DETAIL: Failed process was running: bdr_apply: BEGIN origin(source, orig_lsn, timestamp): 0/9D50AD0, 2015-12-27 10:13:29.916096+07

Followed by series of:
FATAL: mismatch in worker state, got 0, expected 1

Dig into BDR C codes, I found out that the error is emitted from a point in bdr_apply.c:

function: process_remote_insert
simple_heap_insert(rel->rel, newslot->tts_tuple); --ok
UserTableUpdateOpenIndexes(estate, newslot); --failed

Go deeper into BDR-patched-PostgreSQL’s index.c, it is clear that BDR only crashes when updating index on expression (no problem with column index).

function: FormIndexDatum
iDatum = slot_getattr(slot, keycol, &isNull); --ok

iDatum = ExecEvalExprSwitchContext((ExprState *) lfirst(indexpr_item), GetPerTupleExprContext(estate),&isNull,NULL); --failed

Simple solution is removing the index expression and promote field (or new field) for regular column index instead.

  1. akretschmer said:

    It was an index on expression, a funktional index? And now a simple index? I think, this isn’t a solution. A column-index can’t replace a funktional index. Can you explain that in Detail?

  2. abdulyadi said:

    Martin, my index is not partial unique index

  3. Martín said:

    Same thing for non unique indexes (docs need fixing on that)
    Can you post your CREATE INDEX statement?

  4. abdulyadi said:

    akretschmer, I add new field to the table. Set it as index. Then -during insert or uodate- its value is updated using the same function formerly set as functional index. Anyway, in my next post (BDR … Part 2), I found out that the problematic expression index is when it is written in SQL language. Just modify it using PLPGSQL, BDR works fine.

  5. Abdul Yadi said:

    Martin, this is my create index statement:
    CREATE INDEX “mytable_idx: index”
    ON mybdr.mytable
    USING gin
    (mybdr.funcidx(fa, fb, fc, fd) COLLATE pg_catalog.”default” gin_trgm_ops);

    BDR crashes if mybdr.funcidx(fa, fb, fc, fd) is written in SQL. It works fine if written in PLPGSQL. Is it related with Memory Context Switches?

    —–for more detail, I cut the code from execQual.c (BDR-patched Postgresql.9.4.5) where the error emitted:

    ExecEvalExprSwitchContext(ExprState *expression,
    ExprContext *econtext,
    bool *isNull,
    ExprDoneCond *isDone)
    Datum retDatum;
    MemoryContext oldContext;

    oldContext = MemoryContextSwitchTo(econtext->ecxt_per_tuple_memory);
    retDatum = ExecEvalExpr(expression, econtext, isNull, isDone);
    //ExecEvalExpr never returned for failed expression index using SQL language
    return retDatum;

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