pgAdmin3 Adjustment for PostgreSQL 11.0

What is my favourite PostgreSQL GUI-admin tool? pgAdmin3. I love its light weight user interface and simple navigation. Thanks to BigSQL Development Team for surviving the tool from freeze.

With PostgreSQL release 11.0, here is my patch file corresponding catalog table changes: pgadmin3-patch-text-file

First, clone pgAdmin3 project: clone git clone

Then, apply the patch: patch -p0 -i [patch-text-file]

Oldies but goldies.

  1. Laur said:

    Is there any 32 bit version?

  2. abdulyadi said:

    Laur, the project cloned from is source codes in cpp. You can try compile and build it on your 32 bit platform. Mine is 64 bits Fedora, an successfully build by issuing commands:
    (assuming i am in pgadmin3-lts directory)
    $bash bootstrap
    $./configure –prefix=[my-pgadmin3-directory-will-be] –with-pgsql=[my-postgresql-installation-directory] –with-libgcrypt CFLAGS=-fPIC CXXFLAGS=-fPIC
    $make install

  3. Laur said:

    Thank’s for your reply!

    I have Windows 10 installed.. So… I can’t follow your instructions.

    Best regards!

  4. abdulyadi said:

    Laur, if you managed cloning the project, you can find instructions on how to compile and link the project on Windows>=2000 in the INSTALL text file. Just go through it and find Windows section.

  5. Miguel said:

    Hi. Do you know any method for osx?

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