pgAdmin3 for PostgreSQL 12.0

Why do I still need pgAdmin3? As of now, pgAdmin4 does not show nested partition table in its object tree view. Since pgAdmin3 LTS repository in bitbucket by BigSQL Development Team is no longer available, I republish it in github: with code fixes for PostgreSQL 12 internal relation field changes:

  1. No more relhasoids in pg_class.
  2. No more cache_value, is_cycled, is_called in sequence object (since PostgreSQL 11).
  3. No more adsrc in pg_attrdef, it should be calculated as pg_catalog.pg_get_expr(adbin, adrelid) instead.
  1. Phill said:

    does this run on the latest macOS which only supports 64bit applications?

  2. abdulyadi said:

    I do not have macOS installed on my laptop. Please try build as guieded in MacOS section in INSTALL file.

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