I live in Batam, Indonesia as database application programmer. This site contains my technical experiences on projects using PostgreSQL RDBMS.

  1. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  2. Cynde Fernandes said:

    Hi Yadi,

    Were you a part of Tewah Pupuh? If so, please contact me.

  3. abdulyadi said:

    Glad to have your news. But, I am sorry, I am not a part of Tewah Pupuh. I am an Enterpise-Database-Computer-Application-Consultant live in Batam.

    Regards, Abdul Yadi

  4. dobled said:

    just out of curiosity, we would like to know if you use GNU / Linux, if so, what distribution do you use?

  5. Radian said:

    oh,, ada orang indonesia juga di planet postgresql…

  6. simon said:

    hello mr abdul yadi

    boleh minta kontaknya? saat ini saya sedang bermasalah dengan pgpool dan jdbc.

  7. abdulyadi said:

    email: abdul_yd@yahoo.com
    hp: 085765515789
    terima kasih

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